Booklist Roundup for Classical Conversations Cycle 1

Welcome to the start of school! Ours started today, and I only JUST started reserving library books LAST WEEK. Still have curriculum in the mail… Hopefully all of you guys are way ahead of me, yikes. But in case you aren’t, I found a bunch of booklists while I was looking for ideas! I mean, if you have 1 booklist, that’s great. But for when your library doesn’t have the books you really want, it’s time to find another list. So take your pick! (but only pick two, MAYBE three. Otherwise you’ll drown in books). I’m putting these in order from LEAST to MOST extensive.


Essential Homestead: Classical Conversations Cycle 1 History Reading List – This is an ultimate “basic” list. If this is your first time doing CC, or you have a young child, or have a crazy life and want to keep it super simple, here are just a few ideas for each month!  ***BONUS*** She is linking to her weekly schedules of CC work for this cycle! Check out week 1 here.


Naturally Holistic: Our CC Cycle 1 Reading List – A great list if you’re looking for something simple and easy. There are only a few books listed for each week, but at least one for each subject being covered by the memory work.

17190873_1636639159697545_6579616723330015129_nAwe Filled Homemaker: CC Cycle 1 History Books – This list has quite a lot for little kids, even down to 3-5 year olds. It also goes beyond ancient history into resources for the composers, geography, and artists!


This Temporary Home: Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Booklist, Ancient History – I got to this list and got excited. Some books I hadn’t seen mentioned yet!!! Too bad my library doesn’t have them 😛 Another great roundup with a few good suggestions for each week. If your library is low on suggestions from other lists, try this one!


Half a Hundred Acre Wood: Favorite CC Cycle 1 Picture Books – By the way this website is a treasure mine of resources for CC, including free printable planners! Also loop schedule ideas, morning basket ideas, missions around the world reading lists, etc..


Farmhouse Schoolhouse: A Charlotte Mason Approach to CC Cycle 1 Quarter 1 – If you aren’t familiar with Elsie’s blog, it’s full of homeschooling tips and ideas for almost any approach. Plus she’s got amazing visual appeal, and will inspire you to work towards a more beautiful life, even when you’re exhausted and want to give up. Like you might feel after scrolling through all these lists 😉

Seriously though, if this page makes you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to take a deep breath, close the computer, and go do something FUN with your kids (forget the school for a bit). Or possibly send them outside with some water and then lock the door for the sake of your sanity (but still check on them through the window, because you’re a good mom who is making sure your kids get nature detoxing time while you drink your tea/coffee!). Then you can come back sometime when they are asleep, open one list and a tab of your library, and put the next 3 weeks worth of books on hold at once. *BOOM*

***UPDATE*** (3 years later), I found another heavy hitter! 

This list from Happy Strong Home 

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